RT @PRIMER: @PRIMER tee spotted at the Golden Gate Bridge: http://is.gd/oz6w

How could I go my whole contact-wearing life without having this?! http://is.gd/ofro

OOOO Frankiiiieeee *faint* http://is.gd/odQQ

RT @trent_reznor: www.ninja2009.comÈ is now live! FREE NIN/JA EP.

"I wont miss a design philosophy that lives or dies strictly by the sword of data" RT @Typophile: Google Design Lead quit http://bit.ly/pPz4

@Jack_Beitz Are you wearing a cardigan today, in honor of Mr. Rogers? http://is.gd/ocHN

@63merc @PRIMER so you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own, and you go home, and you cry, and you want to die.

@ccashdollar Give 'em hell!

OPEN HOUSE this Sunday 12-2 : http://is.gd/kLXf

Ferarri madness on Google Maps, via @PRIMER's Roman office: RT: @stephanosuh http://tiny.cc/k6h5t - EEE GADS!!!